Seasons of Forgetting
ISBN# 978-1-59705-977-3

An excerpt:

Joanna opened her eyes with a start. Jared was still, his head almost on her shoulder. She lay there and listened to
his quiet breathing, watching him.

Today was their last day in Manhattan. Tonight would be their last together for who knew how long. Her throat
tightened and the hot tears filled her eyes. What would life be like when they went back? Nights in a dormitory
room, days going through the motions of being a student and an occasional time spent with Jared at the club or in
the snack bar? After this? After this, they should be going home together. They should be able to slip into bed each
night together, have breakfast together and love as freely as they had these past two days. She was overwhelmed
with sadness. Getting up soundlessly, she went into the bathroom, sank to the floor on the soft carpet and sobbed

Dawn was just bringing the faintest of lights into the room when she returned to bed, no tears left to shed. She
stood looking down at Jared’s handsome face, her heart heavy. She slid under the covers as close to him as she
could get. He stirred slightly and reached out to touch her before sleep pulled him back. One more day.
It is during the sixties, an era of strict rules governing social conduct, that a young
coed, Joanna Ransome, is introduced to handsome married professor, Jared Fowler.
That seemingly insignificant event changes the course of her life.

Together they dare to defy the conventions of their time. Once they have begun, they
are powerless to break the connection … until one of them takes a step that has tragic
Seasons of Forgetting chronicles their tumultuous relationship through
four decades. It is the story of two people who should never have fallen in love.

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