What reviewers are saying about
Seasons of Forgetting

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Carole D. Imes, a reviewer for amazon, posted this review on amazon.com and Barnes & Noble (bn.com):

"This novel could be another "Bridges" (Bridges of Madison County...lest you forgot!) if the word gets around. The
author has done an outstanding job in putting together a unique plot in a distinctive format that is guaranteed to leave
you breathlessly spellbound. She tells the poignant story of a forbidden romance involving Joanna Ransome, an
attractive coed with a promising future and Jared Fowler, a handsome dramatics professor who teaches at the small
college she attends. Unlike Robert and Francesca's meager four days together in "Bridges," Joanna and Jared's tale
spans four decades. I won't go into too many details as you will want to see for yourself what fate has in store for this
captivating couple who will tug at your heartstrings throughout the entire book. Ms. Howard is to be commended for
her snappy dialogue and well-portrayed descriptions of scenes and characters that literally came alive in my mind
throughout the entire novel. Keep that midnight oil burning...this one's a real page turner. And, spread the word. This is
certain to become the next bestseller!

Joy Snyder, Women on Writing Spotlight Editor, has this to say :

Seasons of Forgetting looks deep into the heart and soul of a couple's relationship that spans forty years. Jeanne
Howard's background in psychology provides the reader an in-depth look at the slim threads that often hold a
relationship together. The setting takes the reader from a quaint college town to the dazzle of Manhattan as you travel
the often rocky road with Joanna and Jared.

It's not your average predictable romance novel. A compelling book that creates characters so realistic you will share
in their happiness, pain, frustrations and love. So emotional that you'll have to keep reminding yourself that it's only a
book. A poignant look at the heartbreak and joy that a not so perfect love can bring. Make yourself a pot of coffee
before you start this book; you won't want to put it down.

This book is an excellent read for those who prefer the realities of love over your typical boy meets girl fluff. Written
so well, you'll find yourself absorbed in the all too realistic problems we've all seen or experienced in matters of the
heart. Jeanne Howard is an inspirational writer who tells a story with passion and conviction. Keep your eyes open for
the sequel to this story.
Congratulations, Jeanne, for a truly unforgettable book!
Cheryl Jeffries of Heartstrings reviewed the novel for her website.
She said:

Seasons of Forgetting is a finely crafted debut novel with a moral message, that message, of course, is up for
interpretation.  A sense of time and place are achieved effortlessly; reality is constantly interwoven with fiction; and
Joanna and Jared's relationship is multi-layered and complex.  If those are qualities you search for in a novel, rest
assured you'll find them here."

I won't soon forget this poignant and intelligent novel. Joanna and Jared's doomed love affair has left an indelible
impression on this reviewer; I just wish I could shake off the yearning for a second chance at a happy ending, for a
season that isn't colored by the awful pain of remembrance."

The prestigious Midwest Book Review posted its comments on the amazon.com Seasons of Forgetting page.

Margaret said:
Seasons Of Forgetting is a nicely crafted novel of the American 50s, before changes in society forever relaxed and
broadened people's attitudes toward the nature of love.
Seasons of Forgetting is a story of forbidden love with
profound consequences through four decades, emotional, impacting, and unforgettable. Jeanne Howard's debut effort
as a novelist,
Seasons Of Forgetting shows her to have a genuine gift for entertaining and involved storytelling."
Darlene Howard reviewed the novel for Escape to Romance. She said:

"I would recommend this book for anyone who has ever wanted to do some real soul searching. I can tell you that
after reading this book, I have personally re-evaluated my relationships and have made some hard but good choices to
cut my losses and move on with my life. Thank you for helping me to realize that I can't live my life on another
person's needs.

Sara Notworthy wrote a review for The Compulsive Reader. She said:

"Based on Stein's theory that suspense '…builds when the reader wants something to happen and it isn’t happening
yet,'  Howard is adept at maintaining the reader’s anticipation throughout Joanna and Jared’s affair; whether the
reader wants Joanna and Jared’s love to win out or whether the reader wishes they would go separate ways, both
options remain viable throughout the story. In this way, Howard satisfies her every reader.