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Jared's Promise
Tracey West, of The Road to Romance, said:

Dr. Jared Fowler, well renowned theater director, professor, respected and a loving father and grandfather,
passed away at the age of 77.
He will be missed by many, especially his daughter Marina. There was no one larger than life for Marina. It
seems even her husband Andy pales in comparison to her illustrious father. But as Marina goes through her
father's possessions in his study and on his computer, she comes to learn that her father had many secrets and
even a secret life that only he knew about. Marina discovers that for 40 years her father had been having an
affair that began years ago when Marina was just a little girl. It began back when Jared Fowler was a professor
at Manning University and he began dating a student. Over the years, he and Joanna Ransome kept in contact
through letters and neither stopped loving the other.
Marina becomes obsessed with learning all the details of her father's affair, even going as far as tracking down
the 'other woman.' As the seasons change and out of love for her mother, Marina does not share her findings
with her and buries what she knows in the back of her mind while holding it within her heart. But when
Marina's son Jason begins school at Manning, Marina is concerned about Jason learning about the affair and
tries to keep her son from discovering the secret and losing admiration for his grandfather.
Will Marina be able to keep her secret? What will Jason's reaction be if he finds out the truth about his
grandfather? What became of Joanna Ransome?
How does a child, even an adult one, change his perception of a parent? Children place their parents on
pedestals and think they can do no wrong. For Marina, this is true until she learns that her father wasn't as
sterling as she thought and is forced to see that maybe he must wasn't perfect after all. With much
self-examination, tears, grief and strength, Marina deals with her father's infidelity but never forgets it.
Jeanne Howard writes with style and class. The depth to this story and the characters stand out and hit the
heart of the reader. The characters are believable and it is a family bonded by love and loyalty. They all protect
each other and honour each other's wishes. Dr. Jared Fowler may have had a few blemishes on his armour, but
he raised a loving, honourable and respectful family.
I was intrigued to find out what Marina was going to do with all the information she discovered and ultimately
what Jason would do if he heard of the affair while attending Manning. Jeanne Howard's cool and crisp writing
is clear and right on in my opinion of how a child would handle a discovery like the one Marina had to deal
with. The emotions are gripping and the beauty of Ms. Howard's words make this a work of art in women's
fiction. There are a few surprises along the way that stun the reader, bring a tear to the eye and will touch
one's heart. This is a story that is passionate, totally emotional and will reinforce the bonds and feelings of
family, make you cry and keep you enthralled from beginning to end.
A story of love, compassion, forgiveness and family. Add to that a talented writer and it is a perfect addition to
one's keeper shelf.
From Wings author A. Dee Carey:

Jared’s Promise by Jeanne Howard, is a compelling, thought-provoking look at a subject many would rather
not contemplate.  The tenderness and compassion this writer has passed on to readers is a highly moral
stance.  It speaks of goodness and gives the reader a sense of hope, even in trying times.  All too often in
books, evil triumphs over good, but in
Jared’s Promise good not only triumphs, but is raised to an alleluia.
I was able to identify with Jared’s grandson immediately.  The interaction of the characters is genuine.  I
look forward to more of this author’s works.
5 on my mascara scale (you will cry)
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From Wings author JoEllen Conger:

I found Jared’s Promise hard to read, it being well-crafted with vivid emotional pathos. It brought back too
many memories of my own husband’s passing, and the grief that went with losing my best friend of 45
years. And my telling the funeral home to just let him keep his wedding ring if they couldn’t remove it
from his hand. But today I wear it on the same finger with the last ring he ever gave me… a blue
sapphire. He said it was my reward for putting up with him through all those crazy years.

Like Jared, he could have lived longer had he taken better care of himself. Now I have no one to dream up
those surprise vacations, the cross country RV trips, or the sails around the bay. It’s been mighty lonely
with him gone. Nothing brings a family closer together like a death. You think things will eventually get
back to normal once the funeral is over, but deep down I knew things would never ever be the same again.

However, in this story there is a grieving stranger come to say her last farewells. But who is she?
Members of the family suspect her of being more than just ‘an old friend.' Had the perfect husband and
father lived a hidden, secret life? One they had known nothing about? Does the family really want to
know? Could they have unrelated relatives somewhere… perhaps half brothers or sisters?

Jared’s Promise is a story that touches your heart and helps you understand that, right or wrong, love is
where you find it. What might his family find hidden in the depths of Jared’s antiquated computer? His
daughter, Marina, is determined to discover the secrets of her father’s hidden relationship with the
mysterious lady who had slipped into the funeral home just before the doors closed on her father’s well-
kept secrets.

Jeanne Howard writes a poignant story about Dr. Jared Fowler’s emotional ups and downs, and a life full
of love and denial, and how it affects everyone in all their families. Had he truly hoped that one of the
family would follow the clues and solve the complex mystery of the stranger in their lives? Why had her
father left so many clues for Marina to follow?

As Jared’s family discovers, old secrets never stay hidden forever.
Review Rating: Four Cups
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