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I'm so glad you stopped by! Perhaps a few words about my background might be of
interest and give you a bit of insight into why I write.

For over 20 years, I wrote a weekly column in the newspapers I founded, published
and owned. My thousands of faithful readers always told me my essays were  very
true-to-life and thought-provoking (see
Essays). I could have stayed in that business
forever, but the economy went south in 1989 and I struggled until 1994 when I
finally gave up the fight, accepted enough money to pay off the debts and walked.

Traumatic as it was, in retrospect it was probably a blessing as my unemployed
status opened an opportunity to return to my education roots. For three years I
worked among friends in a large regional high school district. Then, when a position
opened closer to home, shortening my daily commute, I moved on to another school
district as Public Information Officer.

In 1999, after an emotionally heartbreaking event, I re-discovered the therapeutic
value of writing and began putting to paper a story that had been long waiting to be
told. I set it in the familiar surroundings of east central Pennsylvania and southern
New Jersey with a liberal smattering of excursions to Manhattan, long a cherished
destination of mine.

Seasons of Forgetting is that story. This fictional memoir is a compelling tale of an
ill-fated love that spans four decades. Reviewers, especially women in the 40 to 70
age group, have had high praise for the story (see

In response to reader requests, I carried the story forward in
Jared's Promise, a
sequel to
Seasons of Forgetting. Don't feel you need to read Seasons first, however.
Jared's Promise stands on its own as an inspirational, uplifting love story about how a
man's secret past changes the lives of his children and grandson. Both books are now
available from
Wings Press in trade paper back and e-book formats.

I wrote
A Hand Across Time, a true story, as a tribute to my beloved friend Marie
Martin and to pets of the feline persuasion who are truly people in fur coats. You can
read that story on the website.

Personally, my husband and I are the parents of two grown daughters and the
grandparents of a bright and active t
hirteen-year-old boy and a darling ten-year-old
granddaughter. After thirteen years of service in education, I retired on January 1,
2008. I enjoy reading, editing for Wings
ePress and an area women's magazine, or
acting as faithful housekeeper for my cat, Mitzi, who has been with me, in one form
or another, for over 30 years.
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